Since 1972 Dennis A. Rosen has engaged in the practice of law with a concentration on business transactions and commercial litigation if early negotiation is unsuccessful. His focus and passion is on helping his clients solve their problems although he considers it a last resort, some cases require, and Dennis has litigated for his clients in a broad spectrum of State and Federal civil law cases which include contract disputes, insurance coverage issues, real estate disputes, construction disputes, condemnation, partnership dissolution and corporate dissolution.

Dennis Rosen Tucson

As a law firm, we limit the number of active cases so we can provide our clients prompt and thoroughly researched responses to their concerns.

We Solve Problems

The cornerstone of our practice is problem solving. It’s the driving force that provides a reason to come into work each day and work with our clients so closely.

The types of legal issues include contract, real estate, construction, condemnation, partnership and corporate dissolution, professional malpractice, and business disputes. Regardless of the type of problems you are facing, Dennis will suggest your best solution.

Second Opinions

In many cases it is advantageous to seek additional expertise to ensure that you getting the best outcome. You are entitled to seek additional counsel to achieve these results. This could include small changes or could even include large changes to your entire strategy. We can provide a complete breakdown of the result of the different directional options available to you.

Mediation Services

many business disputes become incredibly complex. Attorneys choose Dennis as a mediator because of his ability to grasp issues quickly and to help parties resolve their dispute using his practical business experience as well as his legal expertise.


We prepare, review and Analyze contracts for real estate and businesses.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us to tell us how we can help your unique situation, please feel free to contact us today to see if we’re a good fit.